Correct you vision with Varilux lenses from £195

See no limits with Varilux®

Varilux® lenses are your ally for seeing sharply and seamlessly at all distances, allowing you to explore every inch of the world. Don't feel constrained anymore. Wear Varilux® lenses to go further than ever.

Why choose Varilux®?

#1 progressive lens brand recommended by eye care professionals.

96% of wearers are satisfied with the quality of vision their Varilux® presbyopia lenses give them.

Benefits of Varilux® lenses

Sharp vision - At all distances, for any activity

Seamless transitions - From near to far and in-between

Wide fields of vision - To enjoy your environment

Stability of vision in motion - For faster adaptation with fewer distortions

Which Varilux® lenses are right for me?

Highly demanding about sharpness and detail? To enjoy the finer details in life, your eyes deserve the best. With the Varilux® X series, embrace every inch of your world with sharper vision.

New adopter of progressive lenses? Choosing the right first pair of progressive lenses is essential. With Varilux® Comfort Max, make the most of easy adaptation and all-day visual comfort.

Struggling with your progressive lenses? Wearing your presbyopia lenses is not currently comfortable, but you need them more than ever. With Varilux® Physio 3.0, enjoy effortless vision in all your activities, even in low light conditions.