Correct you eyes with eyezen lenses from £150

Relax and protect your eyes.

Eyezen® lenses are optimised single vision lenses that relax and protect your eyes. They are designed taking into account our modern and connected lives. Enhance your vision, including in front of screens, and protect your eyes.

Why choose Eyezen?

88% of wearers satisfied.

3 out of 4 wearers experienced visual fatigue reduction.

Benefits of Eyezen lenses

Reduce and prevent eye fatigue symptoms

Improved contrast

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

Which Eyezen lenses are right for me?

Looking for more than simple correction? Eyezen® Start lenses are optimised single vision lenses designed to relax and protect your eyes, from 12 years old and up.

Bothered by eye fatigue symptoms? Eyezen® Boost lenses are designed for single vision wearers suffering from visual fatigue. They reduce eye strain, support eye focus efforts, and improve the readability of small text.