Enhance your vision with Crizal

Your invisible shield, for UV protection

Crizal® coatings bring more to wearers than just functional lenses: they offer the most comfortable vision for all lifestyles. The lens technology provides every wearer with a feeling of uninterrupted ease and comfort.

Benefits of Crizal coatings

Optimal UV protection - Double-sided UV protection

Hassle-free lenses - Smudge resistant and water and dust repellent

Enhanced visual experience - Reduce distracting light reflections

Increased lens resistance - Make your lenses resistant to scratches

Why choose Crizal?

The leading anti-reflective lens brand in consumer satisfaction.

8 out of 10 Crizal® wearers are very satisfied versus only 5 out of 10 generic coating wearers.

30 years of innovation.

Which Crizal coating will benefit me the most?

Looking for convenience of use? You need lenses that are low-maintenance and good for all weather. Your ideal Crizal® anti-reflective coating combines water repellence, easy cleaning, UV protection and scratch and smudge resistance. Check out Crizal® Easy Pro anti-reflective coating performance.

Looking for aesthetics that last? You want your lenses to look their best, whatever the situation. Crizal® anti-reflective coating not only protects your vision from scratches and smudges but also reduces front, back and lateral reflections. See clearly while looking effortlessly neat and put-together at all times. Check out Crizal® Sapphire™ HR anti-reflective coating performance.

Worried about the effect of harmful UV and blue-violet light on your eyes? Discover Crizal® Prevencia®, long-lasting protection to preserve your visionA shield for your eye and your lens that provides a smart filtration of UV and blue-violet light while letting pass through essential part of the light.